I like to work with motivated people who are ready for change and are looking for that something extra; a better quality of life, more self awareness, deepened learning, positive change, enhanced success, better performance, growth in their personal and/or professional lives or who want to maximize their potential.

I work with executives, managers, and teams in the corporate environment on areas such as increasing productivity and sales, effective team management, communication skills, leadership, improving performance, taking on more responsibility, delegation, managing change, retention of key employees, and guiding newly promoted team members.

I work with individuals who seek to improve their lives in different ways by helping them set personal goals that are aligned with their core values and priorities. These can touch all areas of their life such as career, health and fitness, personal development, emotional well-being, finances, confidence, work/life balance, time management, stress management, relationships, feeling stuck and transitional periods. My aim is to move those individuals forward and help them lead a more fulfilled and balanced life.

“Coaches act as a mirror; helping people to work out what they want, what they are good at, what they are bad at, where and how they can improve.” - Financial Times

Have a thirst for change?

What Clients Say

“With Stephanie Vora, the results of every coaching call proved well worth the time invested. I recommend Stephanie without reservation to coach any executive who is ready to do what it takes to improve performance.”

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