I have been fortunate to work with a number of inspiring individuals.

“The question for me is always, “Will the time on a coaching call yield a savings of at least twice the amount of time the call took?” With Stephanie Vora, the results of every coaching call proved well worth the time invested. Stephanie wasted no time getting to the heart of a matter, and then supported me to find the best actions I might take. Most of my improvements have been in executing actions without so much foot dragging, and in communicating to others limits to my time. I recommend Stephanie without reservation to coach any executive who is ready to do what it takes to improve performance. If anyone would like to discuss the value of Stephanie’s coaching services, they can feel free to contact me.”

- Elizabeth Guilday, MCC, President/Executive Coach; Indigo Resources

“I am extremely satisfied by the results Stephanie’s coaching has brought to our organization. Stephanie was assigned to do executive coaching for a member of our sales team (Neil) and the results have been astonishing. Even during the process Neil was already over achieving his sales targets by 150% and his attitude changed dramatically to an extremely pro-active job, highly motivated and positive attitude on his day to day activities. Since finishing the sessions, Neil has consistently beaten or at the least met his targets (i.e. customers, sales, net margin and active customers per calendar month) in a highly competitive industry at an extremely challenging time of recession. Stephanie has overcome my expectations in the results of this process, and I consider the investment more than paid for.”

- Solano Pena-Lenzi, Managing Director, HispaMerchants

“Stephanie’s coaching provided me with a set of tools and skills that I was able to apply immediately and with outstanding results. As a direct result I have won 3 new key accounts and achieved sales growth of 145%! Stephanie’s approach was professional, inspiring and, most important of all, effective!”

- Neil Keeling, Sales Executive, Hispamerchants

“I have successfully worked in the financial services industry for over 37 years taking on increasing responsibilities and more senior management roles. As a result of my life coaching experience with Stephanie, I am living proof that a person is never too old to change their life experience for the better in so many wonderful ways. I have made huge progress in my personal life by breaking down some long lived barriers and taking on many more responsibilities that I have previously resisted and procrastinated about. My wife cannot believe the change in me and constantly reflects back her joy and amazement about it. In fact she wrote a Testimonial about Stephanie because there is no question that my transformation is the direct result of her life coaching. My change is not just limited to my personal life. In my current business role I was just recognized as one team member along with five others out of 500 for outstanding contributions to the performance and success of our organization. I attribute this outcome to the shift in my attitude and outlook achieved under Stephanie’s outstanding coaching. I am now more open to receiving this kind of recognition because I have broken down a set of barriers that deal with self worth. The results that you see above along with others have occurred for me after completing just six initial coaching sessions with Stephanie and I personally cannot say enough good things about her. The best way to emphasize my feelings about her and the value that I have received so far, is to tell you that I have already signed up to begin another series of six sessions with Stephanie.”

- Stephen K., Compliance Risk Consultant with a major bank

“I am truly grateful for Stephanie and how she is helping my husband. He had been "drifting" and was unclear of which direction to go with his life. Stephanie has helped him establish realistic goals and is in the process of helping him achieve them. I can see a remarkable difference in my husband after such a short time. He now seems to have purpose and is more tuned in with his life. I can also sense him feeling more alive and is enjoying life in a more positive way. Stephanie is very compassionate, understanding, intuitive, and nonjudgmental. She obviously cares about what she does and the people she is helping. She shows great concern and is always able to help when roadblocks occur.”

- Stephen's wife; Retired Nurse

“Most importantly, I found focus in my life and began to rediscover what is truly important to me. I feel a lot more confident and I gained the ability to say no to things that aren’t in alignment with my new direction and goals. I fully believe it is due to the fact that I made the conscious decision about what was most important in my life. Stephanie helped me to become more aware of how certain things make me feel, and to react appropriately. I gained a sense of stability and calmness because I have no questions about my current direction. Identifying and eliminating distractions has made a huge difference. Having someone ask those really insightful questions and driving me to act on the things in my life that bothered me was really impactful. It was also great to be able to vent to someone who was clearly just there to help me through positive change.”

Bethany Hale, MBA Columbia Business School

“Feeling someone was on my side, in my corner and feeling responsible to that person, when that really means being responsible to myself. She helped me focus and made me do things (and made them specific) that I might otherwise have put off doing. She is the perfect combination of emotionally supportive, tough and business-like.”

– Brad Aspel, MBA Columbia Business School

“As a 39 year old who had been stuck in a rut for many years and who had forgotten how wonderful life is, it was my luckiest day when I was referred to Stephanie Vora. Being a typical stubborn male, I was hesitant at first not wanting to admit that I needed any help. I truly didn’t even realize how I had let myself become satisfied with the status quo. But I cannot tell you how much that changed. My experience working with Stephanie was the best thing that I have ever done. It was about week 4 or 5 when I saw the light, and I realized how much I was missing and how much I truly loved myself. I think the most impactful part of our coaching relationship was that she really helped me look inside myself and find out who I truly am and what are my true core values.”

– Scott Sensenig, Financial Planner/Investment Consultant

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